Dextrose monohydrate / glucose

   Dextrose monohydrate is used in various industries:

- In the food industry as a substitute for sucrose
- In the confectionery industry while manufacturing of soft candies, sweet varieties of chocolate, cakes and various dietary products;
- In breadmaking glucose  improves fermentation imparts porosity and good taste of products, slows ocherstvenie;
- In the manufacture of ice cream, it lowers the freezing point and increases its hardness;
- The production of canned fruit, juices, liquors, wines, soft drinks, as glucose does not mask the odor and taste;
- In the dairy industry in the manufacture of dairy products and baby foods is recommended to use glucose in a certain proportion of sucrose to give this product a high nutritional value;
- In veterinary medicine;
- In poultry;
- In the pharmaceutical industry.

   Dextrose monohydrate is fully complies with international standards: FCCIV.

  Dextrose monohydrate is available only in the original manufacturer's packaging, 25 kg net, in bags.

   Shelf life is 2 years from the manufacture date.
   Storage: Store in closed containers, protected from direct sunlight, cool, dry place.

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